AGENDA of NPO TFAJ (Non Profit Organization Tobacco-Free Advocacy Japan)
Chairperson Jun SONO M.D.
World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that tobacco use is the cause of
premature deaths of six (6) million people in the world every year and the number
will escalate to one (1) billion within this century, if no direct action is taken for the
prevention of these deaths.
According to the health statics of Japan, 130 to 200 thousand smokers die of tobacco
related diseases, and 6,800 to several ten thousand non-smokers die of second-hand
smoking. Tobacco products are the single legal weapon to kill most numerous people
in the world.
The health damage not only on the smokers, but also on nonsmokers around
smokers are serious, and the destruction and contamination of the environment are
grave. Tobacco is deeply related to almost all disease, premature death, violence,
abuse, poverty and unhappiness. When we look squarely at these realities, the only
radical solution is but to eradicate tobacco and realize tobacco-free society.
On 2005, FCTC Framework Convention on Tobacco Control of WHO became
effective, and its ratification by more than 170 countries means the availability of
the framework of international cooperation to fight against the global tobacco
In spite of the obligation as a party to enact comprehensive tobacco control law by
2010 and to implement FCTC faithfully, Japan has no tobacco control laws, but rare
Local ordinance, which is misleading for smoke-free environment in public places.
We regret that these misleading local ordinance might cause further delay of
making smoke-free environment indoors without exception, which is recommended
by WHO as the global standard.
Medical approach is also necessary to treat the tobacco use, because smoking habit is
an addictive disease same as drug and amphetamine abuse. Nicotine in tobacco is
designated as a poisonous drug by phamatheutical law, and as a poison by the poison
& dangerous material control law. Benzo(a)pyrene & nitrosamines, the component of
are prohibited and excluded by food hygiene law as carcinogenic & harmful
substances. Nevertheless, tobacco is sold as a legal goods, because tobacco business
law is an evil law, protecting tobacco industry firmly by focusing on the smooth
development of tobacco business and fruitful tobacco tax revenue, and sparing the
people’s life and health. As a corner stone at the moment, we should struggle for the
enactment of tobacco control law managed by Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare
instead of tobacco business law by Ministry of Finance to protect the life and health of
the people, as soon as possible. For that purpose, comprehensive policy of the
government, including subsidiaries for tobacco farmers to encourage the change their
business, is absolutely necessary. The most effective way for financial resources of
that policy should be the continuous increase of tobacco tax.
Finally, human being should aim at the realization of tobacco-free society within this
century, because tobacco is a single and biggest cause of addiction, disease, premature
death, violence, abuse, poverty, and unhappiness. In Japan, “Tobacco Prohibition
Law” should be enacted to ban tobacco like drugs, and to make Japan completely
tobacco-free country. After the enactment to realize tobacco-free world, illegal
manufacturing and smuggling problems should be tackled with the international
cooperation compliant with FCTC. As far as we know, there is no association aiming
at completely tobacco-free society in Japan, although there are some, but for tobacco
control only.
Taking these circumstances into consideration, we determined to establish TFAJ,
Tobacco-Free Advocacy Japan, as a NPO Nonprofit organization. The pursuit for
profit, per se, should not be the purpose, even under the name of smoking cessation
treatment. The privatization of the association from personal ambition for fame
should not be permitted.
Therefore, the financial resources of our activity are annual fee and donation from
members and the profit from our activities. We definitely refuse the donation as a
Corporate Social Responsibility CSR activity from not only tobacco industry, but also
gamble industry.
From now on, we strive for making tobacco-free world, one of the biggest theme of this
century with the cooperation and alliance with other no smoking associations, not
only domestically, but also internationally, inspecting the efficacy of the measures by
the accumulation of wisdom. To reach at this goal, it is necessary to have members
from all fields, because only those from medical field are far from satisfaction.
To have more members and to reinforce the basis of this association and to guarantee
the transparency and to clarify the policy of the organization, TFAJ obtain the license
of NPO and act enthusiastically.
Now we address all the tobacco-free advocates with high spirit to join us and to fight
against tobacco together.